Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wave Rock

We visited Hyden in spring and took this picture of Wave Rock which is a major tourist attraction. The colours are fascinating although I think over the years it has lost a bit of it's magic for me as many years ago they added a rock wall at the top to help preserve water and there is not as much spilling down the rock surface. I have been there many times as it is the Shire of Kondinin where I lived for some years.
The reason for two posts in one day is I have a new computer and with the advance in technology
I am still finding my way. I did not feel so bad this when my computer guru took several phone calls from other people also needing help, so I am not the only one struggling a little, sometimes a lot.

Book Cover, Three

The third of my covered books I gave away at Christmas, I find it quite relaxing embroidering. I am now on a different tack making two wall hanging quilts for my two younger grandchildren who have birthdays in mid January ( three days apart)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Day in the New Year

Today was the first day in our Op-shop year. I think so many people must have been "spring" cleaning, the amount of clothing , shoes and bric-a-brac that has accumulated in 10 days is astounding. So is the number items that have the original price tags on them. I don't usually work in the shop, but have a supporting role as my husband is the Church Warden with the responsibility for itso do his typing and a lot of waiting around for him but today I spent sorting and pricing; and I think we are only about half way through the pile. I am exhausted!